luiz jales

(UTC -3)

I help bring

ideas to life

through design.

nature-person, aspiring crafter & lover of print media.

7+ years of experience designing stuff from scratch. My approach is rooted in strategic thinking, allowing me to proficiently execute across a spectrum of design facets and tools.

My approach is practical, and relatively organic – I try not to get caught up in unnecessary process. I prioritize getting designs to a place that feels 'real', fast. So you have the context you need to see what's working and make decisions as quickly as possible. I usually take three/four stages and ensure we carefully progress your solution with transparency, giving you plenty of opportunity to shape and guide it as it evolves from the initial planning stage to launch and beyond.

I hold a B.A. in Design from Universidade de Brasília, a reputable federal institution in my city. With several years of hands-on experience at a boutique design firm, I've honed my skills, particularly in a Creative Director capacity. This role involved leading internal design teams and collaborating closely with clients

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